Given the transversality that characterizes the branches of industrial engineering and communications, the application of the developments and knowledge/capabilities of the I3E – UMH happens in multiple sectors to which solutions are offered to solve their needs. In this section of the website, a great part of the technological and knowledge offer of the I3E is detailed, as well as the projects with companies that have been run and that have allowed the transfer to the environment of the institute.

It should be highlighted that both the catalog of technology offer and the list of R&D and innovation projects developed with companies reflect the fact that the alignment of the research groups is evident not only with general objectives of sustainable development and innovation in industrial infrastructures, but also with more specific and priority objectives currently related to sustainable cities, clean energy, resource management, healthcare, disaster response and even geopolitical planning with applications in improving people’s lives using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Data Mining, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In the following links you can find the information related to:

  1. Technological offer portfolio of the I3E
  2. Projects with companies, transfer examples I3E – environment