The objectives of the I3E Engineering Research Institute of Elche are set out below.


The general objective in the constitution of the I3E Engineering Research Centre (now Institute) is to set up a university centre tasked with promoting, coordinating, training, and carrying out scientific and technical actions of a research and technology transfer nature in the field of industrial and telecommunication technologies.




The integration in a Centre (now Institute) of the main researchers working in different research groups in the fields of industrial engineering and telecommunications would entail several benefits, both for the member groups and for the UMH. The most important of these would be the following:


  • To foster synergies between multidisciplinary research groups, by reinforcing interaction between groups with related lines of work. 
  • To make it possible to submit proposals to public calls for proposals (infrastructures, large teams, conference funding, etc.) with a greater chance of success than small groups on their own, as well as the possibility of submitting proposals for more ambitious projects at regional, national and international level (especially at European level).
  • To enable the optimisation of space, as well as research and management resources for research.
  • To increase technology transfer from the UMH to industry by improving the supply of R&D in the field of engineering.
  • To promote the creation of new technology-based companies.
  • To increase the visibility and social impact of the technological offer and research activities carried out at the Centre (now Institute).
  • To promote the research training of doctoral students and other staff in training by facilitating the carrying out of research work in a centre/institute with the aforementioned advantages.
  • To promote specialised training courses.